The Prince

Oft are the times when I read a piece of news, feel a sense of outrage, and then put those thoughts aside without properly distilling them. Everything happens in the moment. On occasion, however, I sit down and have an attempt at venturing outside of the moment, and draw parallels — in this case, with […]

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Otto Settembre

The 8th of September harks back to three occasions that have unequivocally shapedus as a nation. Every single one of these occasions ushered in the end to thebesiegement of the land we call home. Through strength and perseverance, ourforefathers and foremothers stood up and fought long and hard, but never in vain. Their actions will […]

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The abortion bogeyman rears its head

What is more prevalent on the Maltese islands than the belief that abortion is morally reprehensive in any shape or form? This writer can think of unhealthy eating and a compulsive love of cars as possible contenders. Scientific surveys consistently show that the vast majority of the Maltese population oppose the legalisation of abortion in […]

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Generation Labour

Partit Laburista, a party which is infamous for its mob powered rule and state-sanctioned ‘thuggery’ during the ‘70s-‘80s. After 25 years in opposition, albeit those 2 years being a failed government in the late ‘90s, it reinvents itself as a progressive force of change. Only to be marked by the obscenities of perverse corruption and […]

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