Do you ever think about the Stunt Doubles?

Most movies of different fandoms such as the Marvel Universe, Star Trek, Star Wars, the DC Cinematic Universe, etc. are fast paced and filled with action which often makes one wonder what poor sod had to let himself get punched by Captain Marvel, shot by a laser blaster or punched through a wall. Well its […]

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Stan Lee – his life and his impact

Last Monday, as I’m sure you’ve heard, the world lost the great Stan Lee. He was known to many as the influential co-creator of many of the characters that form a major part of today’s pop-culture world, mainly emanating from the comic-book genre. Although some have come to doubt his influence on the modern-world, dismissing […]

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ASCS Review on Budget 2018

The yearly Budget is once again upon us where measures relating to all the sectors were presented. The first thing that hits the eye is the fact that Malta has achieved better credit rating from both Standard & Poor’s and Fitch Ratings which is always beneficial to our economy. ASCS feels that all the measures […]

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