Ukraine: Where do things stand now?

The past few weeks have seen heavy fighting across the country, sieges, evidence of war crimes, gains and losses of ground for both sides. The latest evidence suggests the conflict is set to intensify, meanwhile the EU attempts to cut off Russian energy and Finland and Sweden are now considering NATO membership. The Ukrainians held […]

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Ukraine-Russia War – Updates and Analysis (28/02 – 01/03)

This page is no longer being updated. Click here to view the latest batch of updates from the Russo-Ukrainian War. residential bombings in kyiv, kharkiv 23:00 – 1 Mar 2022 According to Ukraine’s State Special Communications Service, Russia bombs Kyiv neighbourhoods and Vyshneve city outside of the capital. Rusanivka, Kurenivka, Boiarka, and the Zhuliany district […]

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Putin Won

Putin does not need to invade Ukraine to get what he wants. He’s already won. For weeks running into months now, the Russian president has kept NATO countries on edge, all waiting to see what his next move will be, all ready to drop everything and whizz into diplomatic meetings like dogs waiting to be […]

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