Instructions for Dancing – Nicola Yoon

Hello again, my dear friends and book lovers!  I have another post for you today, and this time, it’s a book that’s all about love. Love lost, love gained, new and old love, and the risks that come with opening yourself up to love and all its complexities. If you’ve ever loved someone, anyone at […]

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Why everyone is loving Joker

Harsh criticism of Joker Joker released in cinemas across the US on the 4th of October. The reaction has been both somewhat surprising, but at the same time not. A few months ago, we talked about if the customer is always right when it comes to movie reviews, especially due to the largely unfair critical responses regarding […]

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The world needs Mr Rogers

I have never met anyone in my entire life who doesn’t like Tom Hanks. We all swoon at the idea of another Hanks film. So naturally, any film he stars in makes the rounds in the headlines and social media. Tom’s newest film is “A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood” where he takes on the […]

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