B.Sustainable – Implementing the politics

Since 1978, through the United Nations, the term “Sustainability” has been brought forward in a wide array of literature, which ranges from policies to technological articles, and regulation. This was triggered by the early effects of Climate Change, which compared to the effects we are feeling today, are minimal. Humankind’s rapid development since the dawn […]

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Taliban Takeover

Summary of events Ever since the Russian Federation was overthrown in 1989, Afghanistan has been a battleground. A definition of a failed state, Afghanistan was in a state of Anarchy. Rule of law was nonexistent, warlords and tribes waged war on each other to rule one another, and without terms nor adherence to any form […]

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Animals for Amusement

Our primitive ancestors made use of a variety of animals in order to suit their day-to-day needs. As times evolved, humans developed the ability to dedicate more time for themselves. They needed to fill up their time with alternate means. And thus, the concept of entertainment was born. This was all well and good, until we […]

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Yuri’s Night and Ingenuity: Worldwide Celebrations and the First Powered Flight on Mars

Have you ever heard of the World Space Party? Had it not been for the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent pandemic, space enthusiasts would have been preparing for Yuri’s Night – an annual project celebrating the feats of space exploration. Yuri’s Night celebrations range from raves and parties to Q&A sessions and symposia. Spread across 30 countries, this […]

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ASCS Budget Review 2021

Coming up to this year’s budget, many people were very intrigued to see what issues were to be tackled and hopefully improved upon and many had quite high hopes. The main topic of this budget was obviously going to be Covid-19, as the pandemic has left a noticeable mark on Malta. It was made clear […]

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