The Maltese & Job Relocation


In this short questionnaire, we aim to gauge precisely why Maltese citizens seem more reluctant to live abroad, for any reason, than every other European country.

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‘A Bird’s Eye View’ would like to gladly announce what will hopefully be a long-term collaboration with ‘Brain, not ego’, so that together we can use each others’ strengths to better serve both our purposes. The first publication we have worked on is to factually test a hypothesis being put forward by our partner regarding why Maltese citizens tend to refrain from living abroad much more than other countries’ citizens, all through a statistical analysis carried out via this survey we are launching.

‘Brain, not ego’, is a website with short essays about questions which aren’t being asked by the popular media. It’s a matter of looking at things in a different way, of removing your own prejudices from the question and thinking about things clearly. It’s about, literally, tackling subjects using your brain and logic, not ego and emotion.

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