This is a wake up call.

This is a wake up call.

First of all, we realise that we usually write about global issues, but one must keep in mind that we are a Maltese page, made up of Maltese people, and hence must address the dire situation Malta is in.


This is a wake up call.
You all know what happened earlier today. One man in the political scene emerged victorious, while another fell into the endless depths of hell. That though, is nothing new to us in Malta, we have seen much of it and will continue to do so along the coming years.

After thorough reflection, our conclusions are as follows:

1.) This is not a win, for any political camp.

It is not a loss for PN. PN officials at the time did the job of an opposition member, to raise awareness in the face of very serious accusations made with regards to the government. The fact that such allegations on one specific case out of many were not found to be fully true means not that the opposition lost, if anything, it is good news, because it is one less case for a plagued country to be worrying about, assuming the judicial process has in fact worked perfectly, that is.

It is not a win for PL or Joseph Muscat. Throughout its time in government, the labour party has gotten into a myriad of corruption cases and is on a never ending struggle to wriggle out of the investigations it has pending upon it and it’s officials. The fact that this one was found not to be fully based on truth is far from a legitimate reason to be happy. If anything, one should be worried as to how it got into this mess in the first place.


2.) Simon Busuttil should not be held as a sacrificial animal in this fight between children. Dr.Busuttil was already a very successful politician before he took leadership of the nationalist party. When he did, he decided to dedicate his efforts into cleansing the country of the corrupt ways it has forever been synonymous for. Whether you agree or not with his ways, he carried out his duty in the best way he could, and addressed the situation he prioritised, a very legitimate one too, corruption.

3.) The Maltese population should grow up. It should go beyond partisan politics and give rise to real politics, where there would be no place for cases like these. This is a wake up call.

…It is indeed our wake up call, and there is no use in worrying about the current political situation of our country, and it is of even lesser use to bicker amongst ourselves via political waves.

It is no use to do so, for the destiny of this country lies not in the outcome of a case, lies not in what a prime minister says or what an opposition leader says, but rather, it lies in whether we choose to take on this wake up call, or whether we tap the snooze button and sleep on, until our destiny no longer lies in our own hands.


Written by: Gianluca Vella


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