Not all scientists wear lab coats

Courses and Job Opportunities of the Faculty of Science

With the dauntingly long list of courses offered by the Faculty of Science it may be difficult for prospective students to choose their area of study. So here is a rundown of all the departments and the courses they offer together with job opportunities you might not have thought of.


Maths is about to get abstract. If you think that Maths is just about numbers, think again. Get ready for lots of theorems, proofs and Greek letters. If you love problem solving then this might be the right subject for you.

Mathematics can be taken together with Banking and Finance, Statistics and Operations Research, Computing Science, Geosciences, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Philosophy. Most careers you can take on after studying Maths overlap with the other subjects and include data scientist, data analyst, actuary and teacher.

Statistics and Operations Research

If you like numbers, IT and analysing information, consider taking Statistics and Operations Research as one of your areas of study. Statisticians are required in a range of sectors including the environment, government and transportation making the job opportunities endless. Other career opportunities include actuary, financial risk analyst and investment analyst. SOR can be taken in conjunction with Banking and Finance, Mathematics, Computing Science, Physics, Geosciences, Biology and Chemistry.


With Biology your options are wide and vast. You can work in a lab messing around with the chemistry of biomolecules or you can go out in the field and study and learn about life onsite.  You can work on microorganisms, growing colonies and exploring the microscopic world, or you can jump into the sea to explore marine ecosystems. Moreover, you can combine with other fields such as Chemistry, Physics, Statistics and Operations Research and Mathematics.  The biosphere is the limit.


A spectrum of job opportunities is available for students interested in taking their knowledge of Chemistry to the next step. A B.Sc in Chemistry is ideal for students interested in working in fields related to chemical engineering, pharmacology, forensics and the production of chemicals for industrial purposes.

Moreover, this degree is also open for students wanting to carry out research on various topics such as crystallography, computational chemistry, and photochemistry. Chemistry can also be taken up as a joined honours with Biology, Physics, Maths or Statistics and Operations Research. Additionally students interested in engineering and materials science may also opt for choosing a degree in Chemistry with Materials.


Studying physics will allow you to understand the complexities of the universe; from galactic dynamics to the inside of an integrated circuit. The intrinsic beauty of the subject is reason enough to pursue a degree in Physics which must be chosen alongside one of Mathematics, Banking and Finance, Geosciences, Chemistry, Statistics and Operations Research or Biology.

A 3-year course in Computational Physics is also available alongside a new course commencing in October 2019 in Physics, Medical Physics and Radiation Protection. Jobs after graduation are not something you need to worry about with the opportunities ranging from research scientist, nanotechnologist and healthcare scientist among others.


In simple words, geoscience is the scientific study of the Earth’s composition, its physical processes, such as plate tectonics, and its history. With the current climate crisis the need to understand our national terrestrial, marine and atmospheric environment has never been greater. One of Mathematics, Physics or Statistics and Operations Research must be taken alongside Geoscience. Such courses lead to careers such as engineering geologist, environmental consultant and seismic interpreter.

Join us for our annual B.Sc. Day at the KSU Betsson Common Room, University of Malta on the 17th of July between 14:00 and 17:00 p.m for more information about the courses offered by our faculty and for the opportunity to talk to current and past students of the Faculty of Science about their personal experience with jobs and the courses themselves.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and are not reflective of ‘A Bird’s Eye View’ as a whole.


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