November Wrap-Up – A month filled with stories

Hey everyone!

It’s the last month of the year and the last month of the decade! I’m completely mind-boggled! It only seems like yesterday that I was in my teens and I didn’t have to worry about adult things like bills and my car, and where I’m going to work when I graduate (something I’m getting asked about a lot recently!). December is always a tough month for me, but this year I’m looking forward to getting into the Christmas spirit and enjoying my time with my loved ones. However, for this post, I would like to bid adieu to November and talk about the books and TV series/movie that I read and enjoyed!

The Books:

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Below, by Alexandria Warwick
 – my full review is here, but I really enjoyed this book, and I think you would too! It has all my favorite things about fantasy, and a handful of important lessons about family, strength, and friendship.

Image result for white noise don delillo"

White Noise, Don Delillo – A very interesting read about the effects of postmodern culture on the individual and the community. This is a university read that I was skeptical about, but it had a very intriguing story that kept me eager to find out more (


Image result for eugenie grandet honore balzac book cover"

Image result for the winter's tale shakespeare"

Eugenie Grandet, Honore Balzac – Another university read, a realist text about a money-obsessed merchant and his family. He maintains complete control over his household, until his nephew from Paris drops by unexpectedly, and threatens the peace and well-being of the whole family ().

The Winter’s Tale, Shakespeare – Not my favorite, as the story was a distorted mix between a tragedy and a romantic comedy. The ending was quite interesting though, and a happy one!

Image result for the merry wives of windsor shakespeare"

The Merry Wives of Windsor, Shakespeare – Nothing like some mischievous women playing pranks on a man spreading rumors about their interest in an extramarital affair with him. It was funny, moved along at a brisk pace, and involved all the plot devices that one can’t not love in a Shakespearian comedy!

TV Series & Movies:

Image result for the crown season 3 poster"

The Crown (Season 3)
 – I HIGHLY suggest watch this series, whatever you do. It’s entertaining, thought-provoking and made me see the idea of royalty in a new light! I can’t praise this enough, but please don’t just take my word for it.

Image result for atypical season 3 poster"

Atypical (Season 3) – I actually quite liked this season! I loved seeing how Sam coped with his struggles and how he also helped his loved ones through their own challenging times

Image result for klaus netflix poster"

Klaus – I wanted to start getting into the Christmas spirit early, so I decided that I should watch one of Netflix’s new Christmas films, ‘Klaus’; and let me tell you, I was SOBBING by the end. It is such a beautiful tale about putting old grudges aside, bringing happiness to everyone and being more kind… it really portrays the true meaning of Christmas. It is the perfect Christmas film, and I highly recommend it!

That’s it from me for today? What have you read/seen this month, and what were your favorites? Also, what would you like to read this month? Let me know in the comments below!


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