JCA joins BEV Organisation Area

Junior Chamber of Advocates has officially joined as members of the ‘A Bird’s Eye View’s Organisation Area’!

The Junior Chamber of Advocates (JCA) is a student organisation that was established under the auspices of the Chamber of Advocates.

As a law student organisation, the JCA aims to bridge the gap between law students’ academic development and the practicality of the legal profession. It does so through the Prattika-Link program which aims to link law students who wish to be exposed to the practice side of being a lawyer, with law firms and lawyers working in private practice specializing in various fields of law. Through the Warrant Revision Session courses, which are held to provide LLM students proper revision for the legal warrant examination.

A variety of events are hosted throughout the year, most notably Seminars that cover various topics and legal fields, and Moot Courts that simulate the experience of court proceedings. All of these are done to supplement the academic learning that is done in the LLB/LLM courses, whilst giving students the opportunity to cover topics in more depth.

The JCA actively involves itself in the ongoing and topical issues in the legal field both locally and internationally through means of policy papers that are launched throughout the year. Our involvement in local and international affairs also extends itself in our charitable project, ‘JCA Gives’, which serves to give support through organised events, assisting other charities by means of food or monetary donations.
Assisting and providing support to the students within the Faculty of Laws is at JCA’s forefront, as is bringing students together. We offer a number of social events that provide networking opportunities for students who have either entered the course or are yet to apply at Sixth Form level. Above all, the JCA continuously involves itself amongst law students to provide support in any way it can.

We welcome JCA into this project and look forward to working together!


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